The FCR Operator provides a service for querying the FCR Whois Database, in a manner comparable to Whois services provided by registry operators for domain names on the Internet. The FCR Whois Database contains contact information of holders of Frogans addresses and of Frogans networks, as well as administrative and technical information on the registration of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks in the FCR. The FCR Whois Database also contains contact information of FCR account administrators, as well as administrative information on FCR accounts.

The FCR Operator also provides a service for downloading the FCR Public Data. The FCR Public Data includes the list of Frogans addresses or of Frogans networks registered in the FCR, as well as the list of FCR account administrators. The list of FCR account administrators is also published in HTML format on the Web site of the FCR Operator:

The FCR Whois Database Query Service is currently provided through the HTML interface of the FCR API for the general public.

The use of the FCR Whois Database Query Service provided by the FCR Operator is subject to the Frogans Technology User Policy.

Whois service access

To use this service, you need a recent Web browser with JavaScript activated (your Web browser must support TLS, HTML5 and XSLT).


If you encounter difficulties using the FCR Whois Database Query Service:

To report a security problem or abusive use of the Frogans technology: